Wednesday Night Connections


Every Wednesday Night

Mt. Hebron will offer several Bible Studies and Small Groups.  Yoga will start at 6pm, all other Bible Studies and Small Groups begin at 6:30pm.

Classes Offered this Session:


Don’t Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table, by Louie Giglio

- Led by Rev. Dr. Gerald Watford

This book is a world changing paradigm-shifting message straight from scripture.  It is for anyone who has been letting the enemy occupy space in your mind.  Whether it Is anger, loneliness, insecurity or shame; this book will help to set your mind free so you can live the life God intended.

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Gentle Yoga

- Led by Tena Crews and Paula McDonald

Gentle Yoga sessions incorporate physical poses and relaxation techniques for the mind, body and spirit to help you work toward a healthy body and peaceful mind.  We will work on paying attention, on purpose, to the present moment, without judgment.  These sessions will last 60 minutes and begin at 6:00pm each Wednesday evening from Sept 22 – Nov 10.  The cost is a onetime $15 fee to be paid the first time you attend the yoga session series.  This class is appropriate for those beginning yoga or those who enjoy a gentler practice to end a busy day.  Participants are required to bring a yoga mat and blanket.  Please Join us! Namaste.


Lesser Known Women of the Bible, by Jean E. Syswerda

- Led by Mary Ann Dewitt

A quick glance at Scripture reveals the same familiar stories of women we have heard before. But when we slow down and take the time to look, other stories start to stand out to us—stories of women who played a role in God’s great story of salvation. Not all of them are named. Some of them are only mentioned in a line or a phrase, but they were significant enough for their stories to be recorded in the Book of Life. By studying them, we can learn for ourselves what it means to live a legacy of faith—what it looks like to live a life that is worthy of being remembered.  Over 9 weeks, this group will  study the stories of some of these lesser-known women of the Bible.

The Gospel of John

- Led by Rev. Wm. Kevin Cooley

The Gospel of John stands apart from the other three in what it tells about the story of Jesus and how the stories are told.  In it, we find Jesus speaking, not in parables, but in lengthy discourses.  We overhear Jesus talking with so many of the familiar Biblical persons.  Jesus issues two invitations: ‘Come and see,’ and ‘Follow me.’  This study invites you to come and see this Jesus, to hear him speak, to see his signs and to re-examine anew what it means to be his followers.

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