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The Blog is Back!

The Mt. Hebron blog is back! I have found writing to be an edifying and rejuvenating spiritual discipline for me throughout the last 7 or so years, so I am excited and thankful to bring back the blog and share the fruits of that discipline with y’all. I hope that your reading of it is as enjoyable as my writing of it. I am also thankful that this blog provides an additional opportunity for conversation. Feel free to comment, text, email, or call with thoughts or questions that pop up as a result of this blog. While I will of course share my perspective, we are all the better for hearing from a variety of voices and I therefore hope to hear y’all’s perspectives as well. If you also have any ideas for future blog topics, then don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

Speaking of blog topics, you’re probably wondering what I will be talking about now that the blog is back. While I hope to talk about a wide variety of subjects over the course of my time here, the holiday season has inspired me to begin with an Advent series! And I’ve got quite a series planned for y’all. This series will have theological debates, Church-wide drama, murder, an examination of the gospel itself, seemingly bizarre questions, plenty of “so what” moments, and much more. You know, standard Christmas stuff. I’m incredibly excited to begin this Advent journey with y’all starting next week. Until then, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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