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Not Why, but HOW?

Why we live our lives the way we do is a consequence of how we think. So our thinking is something we pay careful attention to … right? Well actually for most of us, our thinking is rarely ever thought about, we just do it. Something so important is left to be shaped by influences which may or may not be healthy. This leaves us subject to a dangerous condition – go with what sounds good. Being blown around by the prevailing cultural winds, we struggle to gain solid footing. The temptation to become one’s own authority in such a situation is almost too irresistible to refuse. What follows is thinking that can get us into serious trouble. Most dangerous of all, it can cause us to be unable to hear when God speaks or understand what God is saying. You may remember Jesus’ encounter with a man named Nicodemus. They were having a conversation in which Jesus was extending the offer of eternal life to Nic. In John 3:3 Jesus says, “…No one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.” To which Nicodemus replies, How can someone be born when they are old?” Nicodemus is a smart man, smart enough to understand that Jesus is speaking of something other than physical birth. His real question is not so much howbut why. “Why do I need to be born again? I am a good person. I play by the rules. I stand against injustice. I am a religious leader.” His thinking is getting him into trouble and causing him to hesitate when rescue is offered. Jesus comes right out and calls Nicodemus’ thinking into question several verses later when He says, “You are Israel’s teacher and do not understand these things?” Are you struggling with the why questions of life? Perhaps that is a cue to examine why you think the way you do. When our why centers on Christ and living to His glory, our thinking improves immensely. This is how we raise the bar on our discipleship.

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