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Into our Brokenness

When we stop taking ourselves so seriously, we are positioned to take God more seriously. A truly consequential life is not found through an intense focus on self. Taking ourselves too seriously is the barrier that will keep many people from having a closer encounter with the living God. I speak of a mindset that operates on the basis of glorifying and valuing what I think above what God teaches. I speak of an attitude that assumes my priorities are more important than God’s priorities. When Jesus said, “So the last will be first, and the first will be last” (Matthew 20:16) He is not asking us to live insignificant lives. Indeed, just the opposite. The only way our lives gain true significance and meaning is through surrendering ourselves to God’s preeminence in all things. This surrender is more than mere acknowledgment of God’s authority and majesty. It is actively orienting our lives accordingly. It is normal to desire to live a life that matters. But the path to such a life is not what it may seem. Our vision is clouded by our brokenness. Everything changes because God comes into our brokenness with the offer of abundant life and we drop everything else, including our preoccupation with what we like or desire and we offer God our adoration for who He is and for the work He is doing. We offer God everything. Such an offer cannot be made by the person who takes themselves too seriously. What we care about is serious. What we are dealing with is serious. So why respond in ways that are less than optimal? Why persist in an approach that cannot prove commensurate with the demands? The answer for serious stuff is the sovereign power of God delivered with maximum impact. Such a course requires that we stop taking ourselves so seriously. This is how we raise the bar on our discipleship.

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