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Impossible Takes a Little Longer

The difficult we do at once, impossible takes a little longer.” What is your response to those words? They thrill me. They land in my soul like an old friend. They enter my life like a bugle call summoning me to action. To me, those words reflect the overflow of the Holy Spirit’s influence and they capture the essence of the spirit that shaped America. When I think about the grace of God and the power unleashed in our lives through faith in Christ, I cannot help but be sparked with a “can-do” attitude. Once the disciples were struggling to understand how anyone could make it to heaven and we read this in Matt. 19:27, “Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’” Sometimes it is easy to forget how to operate “with God.” We can get so focused on our own efforts that we don’t really plan with the “with God” part as our central emphasis. To practice life “with God” it might be good to practice with the people closest to us. The way we treat each other is a sure indicator of what constitutes our approach to life. When under pressure, in our own efforts, we tend to turn others into enemies. It’s hard to love someone you have turned into an enemy. “With God” we learn that no one is beyond the grace and love of God and the Holy Spirit is always at work. I know you may know some difficult people and are acquainted with some impossible situations. By yourself you don’t stand a chance but “with God” nothing is impossible. If we will bring this can-do attitude with us, we will raise the bar on our discipleship.

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