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Infuse the Soul with Strength

“…the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.” (Dan. 11:32) I love that verse but it challenges me to the core. I want to be strong but when I am not, do I see an issue in my relationship with God? Sometimes I even want to do “great exploits” but when I don’t, do I turn to my relationship with God to look for the reason why? So many claim to know God and yet feel no embarrassment about the lack of moral strength or presence of great exploits to the glory of Christ. Such an omission is inconsistent with being virtuous. In the Scriptures, a sound mind and a good heart are mentioned as the ingredients present when one knows God. Faith in Christ, when rightly understood, and virtue, when properly practiced, provide a resolute quality to the mind, and infuse the soul with strength. This strength is sufficient to overcome the opinion of the world and the excuses conjured up in our own minds. This strength is superior to the difficulties and dangers we face. The one who does not know God is rightly intimidated on the slightest occasion. Very different should be the character of that person who knows God. We are not looking for a way out; we are looking to be strong. We are not looking for a good explanation for our capitulation; we are looking to carry out great exploits. Most people find what they are looking for. If you know God, then look for that which brings glory to God. This is how we raise the bar on our discipleship.

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