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Why are you sleeping?

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“Why are you sleeping?” You might recognize that as the question Jesus asked His disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane in Luke 22:46. As we prepare to enter Holy Week in 2020, I have been thinking much about those events so long ago, that we commemorate each year as Christians. It is so easy to treat the events leading up to Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion as a story about people far removed from us. Yet, this year in particular, as we work through life in the midst of dealing with coronavirus, I cannot help but wonder if Christ is repeating that question to us. Why are you sleeping? Spiritual drowsiness or apathy is not exactly unknown in our times. Would we recognize a wake-up call if God sounded one? Have we spent so much time trying to remake God into our image that He has become so safe that there is little about Him that can keep our attention or inspire us with a deep level of spiritual alertness? Maybe the wake-up call is sounding and responding to it requires us to take another look at God. He took on flesh and came as a man not to receive the accolades of a crowd but to bear the humiliation of a cross. He who knew no sin was executed in our places. He took the abuse, the punishment and laid down His life in order to rescue us. Those are not the actions of a safe God. Could it be that we need to look closer and begin to make out the presence of a radical God? In doing so, we just might realize that life is precious and that there is no time to sleep-walk through life being satisfied with little when much is available. Come and see… this one called Christ. Such a thing is life-changing and certainly raises the bar on our discipleship.

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