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God is Big Enough

Gary Harrell is intimately familiar with all the tools a soldier needs. He commanded America’s elite counterterrorism unit, Delta Force. He was asked, “When you go into combat – which weapon do you most want with you.” Without hesitation, Gary replied, “When I go into battle, I want a fellow warrior beside me who’s big enough to carry me when I get hit!” Gary’s answer is applicable to any and all of life’s battles. So many people misunderstand God and what it means to believe in Christ. A big part of faith is God saying to you and me, “I am big enough to carry you when you get hit.” Once you know that, it changes you and how you deal with conflict. We live in a world where rhetorical and metaphorical bullets are flying. People are going down on all sides with emotional, relational and spiritual wounds. Often the result is an “every man for himself” mentality. We are left living in an increasingly lonely world. God’s offer in such a world is simple, “You don’t ever have to go into battle alone and no matter what happens I am big enough to carry you to safety.” Once such a thing shapes how we think, we begin to look at others differently. We begin to look for someone we can carry to safety. Oh we don’t offer merely our strength. We arrive with an invitation from the God who never fails. Jeremiah 20:11 gives us a glimpse of the God who is big enough, “The Lord is with me like a champion. Therefore, my persecutors will stumble and not prevail. They will be utterly ashamed, because they have failed…” If your god is you, your god is too small. If your god is possessions and stuff, your god is too small. If your god is some kind of political victory or being right, your god is too small. Only the God of the Bible is big enough. I know your hurt is big. I know your disappointment is big. I know your struggle is big. So why not go into battle trusting in a God who is big enough … big enough to refresh you in the fight, big enough to inspire you in the pain, big enough to carry you in the brokenness? If you don’t know this “big enough God” you can. Such a thing is revolutionary and the beginning of truly living. This is how we raise the bar on our discipleship.

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