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We Live because of what Happened at a Grave

I Cor. 15:17 states the case clearly, "and if Christ has not been raised, your faith is worthless; you are still in your sins." Our lives were changed forever because of what happened at a grave. We have access to a fuller life and purpose because of what happened at a grave. Many people this Good Friday are struggling through an identity crisis of one sort or another. Spending more time alone with just your own thoughts can serve to exacerbate this situation. A common response when faced with an identity crisis is mental paralysis. We cannot form a plan for moving forward with our lives. Would you like a more robust and active life? Then understand this, clear identity and focused activity flow out of spiritual connectivity. We are called not just to believe in God but to put our faith, our hope and our trust in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. I invite you to connect more deeply with the implications of God taking on human form and dying in our places. This assertion is more than something that differentiates Christians from all other faiths. It is the source of our power and our hope. We live because of what happened at a grave. That thought can shape our thinking in dramatic ways. To name just one – don’t be distracted by what you cannot do, focus on what you can do. For people who follow a God who laid down His life for us and then was raised to life; we trust more in what He can do, than in what we can do, so we obey Him with eager anticipation. Because of Christ our identity is not shaped primarily by our fumbling acts of obedience, but by His amazing grace. This is why the story of Jesus being crucified is called Good Friday and why Easter Sunday is so powerful. Raise the bar on your discipleship this Holy Week and find a more confident identity in Christ.

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