The apostle Paul demonstrates for us in his letter to the church at Rome the necessary connection between theology and lived faith. What we believe about God, and about His saving work in Jesus Christ, will only be evident by its impact upon our daily living and our relationship to others. Beginning in chapter 12 of Romans, Paul begins to lay out the "marks" by which his readers can recognize God's transformational grace at work for them and live as people shaped by it.

Over the month of September, we are going to focus intently on these marks of faith and evaluate our personal and communal lives in their light. We'll be looking at the ways the faith we proclaim can and should make an indelible mark on our lives. And we'll be exploring anew the necessity of those marks being visible to the world around us.

September 6 -  Romans 12:9-21  - Blessing those who persecute you


September 13 - Romans 13:8-14 - Loving one another by starving hate


September 20 - Romans 14:1-12 - Thanking God instead of judging


September 27 - Romans 15:1-6 - Glorifying God by living in harmony