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It's hard to be sufficiently thankful for what we do not really understand.

It's hard to be adequately changed by what we do not fully embrace.

It's hard to be completely knowledgeable when we are not humble.


We live in the so-called Information Age. This means we are bombarded with more information than we can adequately digest. So we develop coping mechanisms. Our coping mechanisms can be described as a barrier we erect to protect ourselves from an unending barrage of facts, figures, news, useless information and other tidbits coming our way. This sound barrier does provide some protection against the flood of information. But the problem with any barrier is that it can keep out both the bad or useless stuff and the good and valuable stuff. A sound barrier can keep us from hearing and responding to God’s Word with the care and attention it demands. When this happens we must break the sound barrier to truly find the blessings God provides.


Breaking the Sound Barrier To Find Faith  Romans 10:14-17         

Breaking the Sound Barrier To Find Rest  Hebrews 4:1-4 

Breaking the Sound Barrier To Find Righteousness  Isaiah 46:6-13

Breaking the Sound Barrier To Find Thankfulness  Hebrews 25-29