Vision is God's View

How can the church be both culturally connected and at the same time distinctly Christ-centered? We require vision. At its essence, vision is God’s view of things. Vision then for us begins with a focus on God. To see more of God is to see more of what God sees. This is possible because God makes Himself known.  There is worth to be found in our goodness and our good deeds. But the worth is turned into a trail of crumbs leading us to a prison of complacency if the result is a focus on self. In May our sermon series will focus on living with vision, God’s view:

Vision Brings Victory Heb. 4:12,13; May 2, 2021

Vision Has Versions Ps. 113:5-9; May 9, 2021

Vision Is Valuable Acts 1:9-11 (Hab. 2:2,3); May 16, 2021

Vision Is Versatile Acts 2:1-4; May 23, 2021

Vision Has Voice Romans 10:14-21; May 30, 2021