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In Matthew 12:28, when Jesus said, “…the kingdom of God has come upon you,” many people then and now assumed that Christ was announcing something that exists only in Heaven. How could it be otherwise when the circumstances on earth before, during and after Jesus’ life bear the imprint of evil’s domination? What about the cross? The gospels seem to all answer those two questions the same way - our salvation does not rescue us from the world. It rescues us for the world. What God seeks to do through Christ involves our brokenness, our broken hallelujahs, if you will. Through our faith in Christ, God gives us a standing we did not earn and a purpose the world cannot stop. We may have only broken hallelujah’s to offer, but in God’s hands that is more than enough. These texts portray people who offered God what they had even when it seemed insufficient.   

The Broken Hallelujah of Sacrifice Luke 18:18-30 Feb. 21, 2021

The Broken Hallelujah of Ignorance Luke 18:31-34 Feb. 28, 2021 

The Broken Hallelujah of Begging Luke 18:35-43 March 7, 2021 

The Broken Hallelujah of Rejection Luke 19:1-10 March 14, 2021 

The Broken Hallelujah of Hate Luke 19:11-27 March 21, 2021 

The Broken Hallelujah of Desperation Luke 19:28-44 March 28, 2021

Broken Hallelujahs at the Empty Grave Luke 24:1-12 (Easter Sunday)