How are your conflict resolution skills? Many of us could use some improvement in this area. In a time where conflict is intensifying, so many people are not growing in their approach to, or handling of, conflict. In the January sermon series, we will focus on Honor. Honor is a key to Kingdom Living because it is one of the very best ways to live in the midst of conflict. Let’s step into a new day,
empowered by an old idea – honor. Today, outside of the military and some other pockets of society, the notion of honor has become seriously out of date, while the term itself has almost disappeared from our moral language. Most of us think that people ought to do what is right based on a love for justice rather than from a concern with how we are perceived by God. Our biblical examination of honor will be within the context of how it is product of a healthy relationship with God. A healthy relationship with God is essential to healthy relationships with others, especially when conflict is present.

Jan 5: 'Honor Unlocks the Power of God in Relationships'  Mark 6:1-6

Jan 12: 'Honor Unlocks the Worship of God' Isaiah 29:11-16

Jan 19: 'Honor Unlocks the Teaching of God’s Word' Malachi 2:1-6

Jan 26: 'Honor Unlocks the Path of Discipleship' John 5:19-23