A game-changer is something that is sufficient to radically alter a person’s life. God’s work in our lives is a game-changer. But it is possible to misinterpret a game-changer as something less decisive than it is and the result can be a pattern of passivity or waiting for something to happen when something has already happened. It is not hard to identify a game-changer in a football game. It could be a kick-off returned for a touchdown at just the right time or a sack of the quarterback that ends a drive. However, when God delivers a game-changer, it is sometimes more difficult to identify it as such. In this sermon series we will seek to get better at identifying and responding to God’s game-changers. As our understanding is impacted by these five game-changers, like waves coming ashore, our confidence and boldness as Christians will be well-watered.


God’s Grace: A Game Changer

2 Corinthians 6:1-2

God’s Love: A Game Changer

Romans 8:37-39

God’s Invitation: A Game Changer

Luke 14:15-23

God’s care: A Game Changer

Isaiah 5:1-7

God’s Justice: A Game Changer

Revelation 6:9-11