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Glory is the description of the presence of God.  It is often defined as light, brilliance, brightness, or more subtly, as the manifestation or nearness of God.  In any and all of its forms, the glory of God is awe-inspiring, overwhelming, and beyond words.  Nevertheless, God's people "upon whom His light has shone" have longed for and worshiped in the presence of that glory throughout the ages.  The scriptures of the Advent season will provide us an opportunity to be exposed to God's glory in a new way and to offer up praise that is worthy of His glory revealed around us, for us, and in us.

December 1: Looking for Glory, Isaiah 40:3-5

December 8: Longing for Glory, Psalm 24:7-10

December 15: Glory Made Flesh, John 1:1-5, 14

December 22: The Impact of Glory, Hebrew 1:1-4

December 24: The Call of Glory, Luke 2:8-10

December 29: The Everlasting Glory, Revelation 21:22-27